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Long Read: A mission for journalism in a time of crisis.
In a turbulent era, the media must define its values and principles, writes Guardian editor-in-chief Katharine Viner.

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The article is a year old but more relevant than ever.
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This reminds me that De Correspondent is launching an English language service. I was handed a brochure/promotional paper in Brooklyn and it was really refreshing to read their take on current events, and that's they feel it's valid to interpret and not just parrot the news, that constructive solutions should be covered not just doom and gloom and outrage clickbait. They're Dutch, but they've put out some English articles in the past that I've really enjoyed so I tend to trust them and plan to sign up.

They accept no advertising, which for me is a big deal, and they don't collect customer data beyond what's necessary to accept payment and give you access. Their business model is entirely subscription-based, and since they've been around for several years in the Netherlands and they're now releasing an English site, it seems like they've actually figured out how to make that work.

I'm curious to hear thoughts from Dutch readers on how the Dutch site is. My Dutch isn't _quite_ good enough to read at the level they publish at.
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If you like diversity so much, Guardian, perhaps you could stop your inexplicable gift of a platform to some truly atrocious transphobes?
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praemunure - Could you indicate which writers / columnists you are talking about please.?
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SPJ ethics hotline

These ethics are a good start, if they were followed
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