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On March 8, 1979 seasoned Iranian photographer Hengameh Golestan (one of only a few women working as a photographer in the country) captured a protest of 100,000 Iranian women protesting the new Islamic government’s hijab law, which ordered women to wear a headscarf to leave the house.
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Somewhere in those crowds are my parents and many of my aunts and uncles. One of my aunts referred to herself as “the last woman in Iran to take the hijab”.

During some pre-midterm anxiety I asked my parents about the revolution, and they told me it was this law that made them decide it was time to leave Iran. My mom voted for the first time in her life this year because Trump reminds her of the Ayatollah.

Americans don’t need Handmaids as a cautionary tale of what could happen- I wish more Iranian-American voices could be heard.
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I really appreciate that there are images taken at that time by a woman. My SiL, living with me now, was a late teen living in Tehran at the time. It’s a complicated story, but she was able to leave a year or so later. Her parents followed a couple of years afterwards.

I love the historical culture of Persia and wish I could visit some day. Hengameh Golestan’s work is worth a look.
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