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After performing a breathtaking solo dance to Hozier's hit Take Me to Church in a video directed by David LaChapelle, ballet dancer Sergei Polunin stars in the official music video to Hozier's newest single Movement (dir. Chris Barrett and Luke Taylor), only this time, he's not quite dancing by himself.

Singer Andrew Hozier-Byrne says Polunin's performance in the Take Me to Church solo helped inspire the song Movement. Polunin was also the subject of Steven Cantor's 2016 documentary Dancer.
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Dance has always been the performing art that had the least emotional resonance for me, but seeing Sergei's dancing, you'd have to be made of brick not to be in awe of the talent, the control, the expressiveness of it. Thank you for that.
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he bounce

the bit where he leaps but keeps his back foot on the ground was particularly stunning
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Dancing in street clothes, he almost looks mortal. Almost.
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wow, this is great. It was really raw and thrashy, while being delicate and beautiful and controlled, all at the same time.
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I hope he is doing better.
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The way it was shot was pretty intense. It definitely gave me the feeling of the physical presence of all the dancers in the same space.
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Oh, this was so perfect for the song. Beautiful dancing.
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dancing vincent gallo tries to escape himself
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Phenomenal - thank you.
I love the way the camera almost licks him at times...

(The documentary about Sergei, Dancer, linked in the OP is terrific too.)
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I hadn't seen either of those before. Thank you!

In Take Me To Church it was like he was figure skating. His movements were so smooth and liquidy. Beautiful.
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Watching him move is both inspiring and crushing. A coach once told me "the heaviest thing you have to carry, as a dancer, is the lightness."
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I want the space in the first video. I NEED that space.
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