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Interdisciplinary artist Suzanne Jongmans recycles packaging materials to create elaborate Renaissance costumes.

Following in the footsteps of Nina Katchadourian's Lavatory Portraits in the Flemish Style, Suzanne Jongmans' images evoke opulence by transforming humble materials into beautiful gowns, headpieces, veils, and doublets. You can see more images from this series on her website or Instagram.
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Nina Katchadourian and Lavatory Portraits, previously on MF.
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From gothic to baroque, but still pretty.
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She shows how thin sheets of packing foam trap, store, and diffuse light the way gauze and lace veils do, but better in some respects. I never would have noticed otherwise. In fact, I had never really noticed that veils do it.
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If our trash was magically transported back to these time periods, this is exactly how it would be used.
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Some of those are really pretty.
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This one is a fave. I suspect that maybe the effect was achieved digitally, but it's a spectacular use of materials nonetheless.

Someone on IG pointed out that conceptually, the images in this series also owe a certain amount to photographer Hendrik Kerstens. I pretty much enjoy every iteration of this trope, though, and am happy to see additional interpretations.
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This one slays me. She has somehow done with light what attention does when you are poised at the edge of falling in love. With light and plastic packing foam. Heh. Beauty is where you find it.
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In the future post-apocalypse, when humankind went through a withdrawal phase to classical styles for a time, often the only clothing material to be found in the blighted ecology was the scavenged detritus from earlier generations...
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this is wonderful and seeing these cheered me on a cold & gloomy evening!
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Thank you so much for this excellent post.
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