Özgür Baba - Dertli Dolap
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The other day, YouTube's algorithm decided to present me with a gentleman called Özgür Baba playing a tune called Dertli Dolap on a cura outside what is possibly his home. Neither his cat nor his chickens are much impressed, though. I have no further context to provide. I just wish you to enjoy a peaceful 14 minutes in the countryside this Friday morning.
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Came for the cat, stayed for the music. Lovely video, thanks for sharing!
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Özgür Baba living in the midst of nature by himself, plays his saz (a musical instrument used by Turkish folk singers). Selecting verses from Yunus Emre, an ancient poet, the song is about a tree transformed into a wardrobe but not feeling happy. Lyrics and video of the song is in our article, have fun listening.
Water-wheel, why do you moan?
For I've troubles, I moan.
I fell in love with the lord,
That is why I moan.

My name is troubled water-wheel,
My water flows pure,
Thus, as the Lord wishes,
For I've troubles, I moan.

They found me on a mountain,
They broke my arms and wings,
They found me fit for a water-wheel,
For I've troubles, I moan.

I'm a tree of a mountain,
Neither sweet, nor bitter,
I'm thankful to the Lord,
For I've troubles, I moan.

They cut off my branches,
Destroyed all my order,
Yet, I'm an unwearied poet,
For I've troubles, I moan.

I take my water from below,
I turn and pour it high,
See what i suffer from,
For I've troubles, I moan.

Yunus, comes and finds no joy here,
The tree will never grow,
No one remains in this mortal world,
For I've troubles. I moan.

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Been gazing at falling snow while sipping hot tea with that video as accompaniment. Exquisite. Thank you.
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Subscribed. What an awesome channel. Great find.
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This came up in my suggestions too. Makes me think some weird subterranean shift has occurred in the algorithm. Hope so, because this was both unexpected and aces and I subscribed immediately.
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Beautiful - thank you!!!
posted by carter at 3:54 AM on November 16, 2018

YouTube has been vaunting some unusual things into the mainstream lately, like Plastic Love. I wasn't surpirsed when Ozgur Baba was put before my eyes, because I've been listening to lots of saz/oud/tar music from along the Turkish/Caucasian/Central Asia continuum. I did notice the inordinate number of views though.

Want something heavier? Checkout the coincidentally metallic Uzbek dutar of Guzal Muminova. Not only can she shred, she shreds with two strings and simultaneously manages her toddlers while doing so.
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Yes, really great stuff on that channel, beautifully shot and recorded -- many thanks for sharing! This kanun piece is particularly lovely.
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I too was randomly given the gift of Özgür Baba on Youtube. All of the comments seemed vaguely shellshocked and grateful—it was probably the only time in our lives in which a Youtube comment board will be a peaceful oasis. I particularly remember that several people were Brazilians distraught over the impending election (I believe it was the Sunday of voting), and all of the replies were comforting them.

This is kind of my jam, but clearly not enough to explain this weird little minor miracle. Thanks, algorithm?
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Very beautiful, the music and the video both. Thank you for sharing this!

(And the Brazilian election mention/replies in the comments that Stilling Still Dreaming mentioned made me tear up. I only read the top replies, because I was too afraid of the spell of love & support & facing-worldwide-fascism-togetherness would be broken.)
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Lovely. Different time, different place, but reminds me of Nick Drake for reasons too diffuse for words. Also: chickens.
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Suddenly the chickens in the music. I love this.
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Gorgeous, needed and inspiring.
I was working on music for a flamenco show when this popped up, and I wouldn’t have known I needed this until I did.
Thank you!
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"Will you shut that bloody bouzouki up!"

Just kidding, this is lovely.
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Wow, thank you for sharing this.
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Does anyone know what mode it’s in? (Thanks BTW)
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If I click on this, will the algorithm stop filling up my yt suggestions with Jordan Peterson videos just because I watched one last year?
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This is lovely. Thanks, Harald74!
posted by homunculus at 6:39 AM on November 19, 2018

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