Artbots 2002: The Robot Talent Show
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Artbots 2002: The Robot Talent Show Technology is not interesting. People doing things with technology, particularly when they're doing things that maybe no one really expected them to do, are the interesting part. Motors, sensors, circuitry and other technological raw materials have few inherent biases; it takes human intuition, creativity, and action to turn a pile of parts into a complex, functioning object. This show features the work of a group of humans who spend their time turning piles of parts into art.
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That's pretty groovy. Neat link. :) I'm forwarding it to some of my AI and robotic buddies, think they'll dig it if they haven't already seen it.
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i like the themesong :)

wiley wiggins (boing boing's current guest sideblog editor) linked to a bunch of robot links recently. here are some if you are interested :)enjoy!
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