There is hope in Brazil
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So, the last election wasn't only about dumb nazis. A new coalition is rising against the right wing. Rio de Janeiro elected four 'other' Marielles [Google translated]. São Paulo elected two black trans women. Roraima state, in the Amazon forest, also made history electing our first-ever indigenous congresswoman.
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(Proud donor and volunteer for Erika Hilton's campaign in SP)
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Thanks for this! News from Brazil was pretty grim, and I'm thrilled there are stories of hope and notable firsts!
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The Marielle Franco Fellowship Fund
Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) Latin American Studies Program (LASP) is delighted to announce the establishment of a newly-endowed fellowship fund. The work of Brazilian politician, feminist, and human rights activist Marielle Franco, carries on in a memorial fellowship, awarded on an annual basis, to support underrepresented students and/or students committed to advancing social justice, equality, and broader political representation.

Meanwhile back in the land of the fascist surreal an interesting analysis:
Brazil’s Anti-Globalist Foreign Minister Won’t Get Everything He Wants.
Ernesto Araújo’s appointment is a victory for the pro-Trump faction in Bolsonaro’s government. But he’ll face powerful internal enemies.
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