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Sorry, wasn't my intention to derail the thread. I just see nothing in the linked articles to suggest that the agendas they put forward are actually achievable using polite means, especially within the time we appear to have left, and a couple things that actively suggest they are not.

I meant to suggest that the scale of the problem is out of alignment with the approach these articles take. They aren't extreme enough to overcome the momentum of the physical problem, or the resistance of entrenched power, in the time available. And when you're talking about what looks a lot like the end of the world we inhabit, extreme becomes a very relative term.
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Naberius, that link should be an FPP of its own.
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A relevent paragraph from the link:

The New Deal was built on an antagonistic politics of wealth redistribution from the rich

In a famous 1936 speech, FDR put his class allegiances in stark terms by arguing the rich business and financial interests, “…are unanimous in their hate for me — and I welcome their hatred.” Why did they hate him? Among many reasons, in the previous year he helped pass “The Revenue Act of 1935” which massively raised taxes on the rich (as high as 75% on the highest brackets — these rates would only go up in future years) and included a large “Wealth Tax.” This money came in handy in building public sector-led programs — the Works Progress Administration, Federal arts projects, Social Security and all the rest — that so characterize the New Deal era. These programs were funded by class antagonism.

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Oh so topical (and karmic?): Climate Change Slows Oil Company Plan To Drill In The Arctic (NPR, November 21, 2018)
A milestone oil development project in Alaska's Arctic waters is having to extend its construction timeline to accommodate the warming climate. The recently approved Liberty Project — poised to become the first oil production facility in federal Arctic waters — has altered its plans due to the shrinking sea ice season.

The challenge comes as the Trump administration has reversed an Obama-era policy and proposed re-opening the majority of Alaska's federal waters to drilling. It's pushing to hold a lease sale in the Beaufort Sea next year. The lease for the Liberty Project pre-dates the Obama-era ban on oil development in Arctic waters.

To get at the oil targeted by the Liberty Project, Texas-based oil company Hilcorp is planning to build a gravel island about five miles from shore, in the shallow waters of the Beaufort Sea, and drill from there. In order to build that island, Hilcorp needs to use what's called landfast sea ice, or ice that attaches to the coast each winter. Hilcorp would build an ice road on top of it, and transport the gravel in dump trucks.

"When it's in place and when it's stable, it makes, actually, a fairly convenient platform from which to operate," says Andy Mahoney, a sea ice researcher at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He provides information to oil companies and federal regulators on ice thickness, extent, and seasonal duration. He says operating from sea ice can be easier than trying to work from a ship or barge.

But Mahoney says a primary concern he hears from oil companies these days is that the window they have to work on sea ice is shrinking as the Arctic warms. Rising temperatures, of course, are driven by the burning of fossil fuels, and the Arctic is warming more than twice as fast as the rest of the world.
Emphasis mine, because this feels like a bully punching himself in the face and saying "why are you punching yourself?" and grinning while collecting the change that falls from his pockets.
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Also good. “But, the electoral and legislative orientation of this disruption should be the tip of the iceberg of a larger movement of direct action and disruptive politics. As Naomi Klein has demonstrated so well, the climate movement already deploys this through the “Blockadia” movement attempting to use direct action to prevent the expansion of pipelines, coal fired power plants, and other fossil fuel infrastructure.”
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Naomi Klein: the radial promise of a New Green Deal
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PROJECT DRAWDOWN - one possible plan to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and, just maybe, decarbonize.
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