Love is a Gift!
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A beautiful, beautiful short Christmas Video. In this strange time it really helped me focus on what's actually important during this time of year.
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Got a little dusty in the room when I watched... had to blink a few times. Thanks for sharing this.
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This was quite touching; thanks for posting it. My mother left me a bunch of audio cassettes she made in the months before she died (fuck cancer) in which she told me details about her life I didn't know or had forgotten (a lot of it was about her childhood in France during WWII.) Even after all these years they're still difficult to for me to listen to. Being an immigrant, Thanksgiving was an important and meaningful holiday for her, so watching this video today was quite moving. Thanks.
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Definitely worth watching. Thanks for this post.
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I am sobbing hysterically now, thanks.
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I didn't expect to be sobbing after watching this. It definitely made me grateful for my family. Thank you for posting this,
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My mother did not like me.

This video made me sad.

I hope everyone has someone to hug these holidays.
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Thank you for posting this. Definitely worth watching, and having a large box of tissues handy whilst doing so is a good idea. Very moving.
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