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All in all, Outcast is regarded by many as being a game way ahead of its time. It features open world, top notch orchestral score, compelling storyline, action and adventure, high quality dialogues and voice acting, rippling interactive water [...] For me, Outcast is a game made with passion, with no constraints of being tied to a particular genre, or please a particular group of people

By Franck Sauer, Art Director on the original Outcast and one of the creators of the remake, Outcast: Second Contact.
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Great read but jeeezis guys it's 2018, we have Bootstrap, making web pages flow for phone screens isn't hard.
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i love these kinds of detailed post-mortems of games so so so much. thanks for posting. (also, Reader View Available.)
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Funny this showed up here now, seeing as Humble Bundle just gave a copy of Outcast: Second Contact away within the last week.
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Great RPS review of Outcast: Second Contact, going into a bit of the background of its development as well as how the rebuilt release stands among modern contemporaries.
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