This saturday is the 2002 National Day of Action
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This saturday is the 2002 National Day of Action
Online communities have done a good job of covering stories about big corporations abusing their powers online to squelch the efforts of programmers, researchers, designers, music enthusiasts, etc. But what about their offline agenda? Masquerading beneath the guise of the Adventure Pass program is an attempt to extend corporate control to our public lands.

From the press release: "Among others, primary sponsors of the fee demo and Adventure Pass are Walt Disney Corp., KOA Campgrounds, and Coleman Co. If the fee demo becomes law, the legislation will allow these companies and other to develop commercial enterprises on public forest lands in partnerships with the Forest Service."
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How is that fundamentally different than the Forest Service leasing lands to corporations for logging?

Logging still occurs in the US, right? You need the odd peice of wood, and paper, right? Now... here's a good question, which is worse in terms of environmental impact, clear-cut logging, and mono-culture replacement tree's, or mono-culture commercial enterprises from "Walt Disney Corp." TM... on the same location?
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