Sky high
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Pov real time, unedited, video of the French Spider-Man, Alain Robert, climbing the Sky Habitat Melia Hotel tower in Barcelona. Need more? Here's Marcin Banot edited climb of the same building. (mlyt)
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My hands started sweating before I even clicked that link.
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That's really cool.

I love that Go-Pros give us mere mortals a chance to see the POV of people doing this sort of thing, even if it viewing it does tend to give us a permanent case of ass pucker.

It seems like it's a relatively easy building to climb*. Bomber holds the entire way up and places to rest every few feet. You'd think building designers would think about stuff like this and make the first few floors something that you can't just walk right up to and climb. I could very easily see someone unskilled getting up about 50 feet and getting stuck.

*I mean, not for, like, ME, but for someone who is skilled at climbing stuff.
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Few things manage to be as simultaneously boring and terrifying as climbing a repeating pattern all the way to the top of a skyscraper.
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I like how he doesn't even need a lid for his iced tea.
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Neat! Now I want a version from a 360 degree VR camera mounted to the top of a backpack, so I can watch it on my Google Cardboard and pretend I'm getting a piggyback up a skyscraper.
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My feet are sweating.
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My feet are sweating.

... knees weak, arms are heavy
There's sponsors on his sweater already, Mom's SpaghettiTM
He's nervous, but on this surface he is calm and ready
To climb up, but he keeps on forgetting
To stay on the ground, the small crowd oh so proud
He opens his pouch so the chalk comes out
He's going now, everybody's watching how
The climb runs out, hands up, cuff him now.
Snap back to reality, another slave to gravity.
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