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In which costumer and historical sewing enthusiast Bernadette Banner recreates the dress from Jacques-Louis David's "Portrait of a Young Woman in White": Making a Regency-Bodied petticoat. Making the gown. Bringing the portrait to life.
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oh wow just discovered a new genre of asmr for me!!

thank you very much for sharing <3
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Sweet! I love stuff like this.
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what a fun project! thank you.
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Please won't someone start filming Georgette Heyer's Regencies so we can get more of this?

And cravats for the gentlemen.

And the dinner parties, my god.
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There's a miniseries of documentaries from the BBC called "A Stitch in Time" in which they reconstruct costumes from artworks -- the Arnolfini portrait, Dido Elizabeth Belle or Marie Antoinette's chemise dress among them. Check it out, because it's great, too.
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Does anyone have a workaround for watching BBC content in the US? (This content is not available in your location)
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