"very much in the spirit of Seuss’ extravagant verses."
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I Am Eating Everything on IHOP's 'The Grinch' Menu, by Matt Singer

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More like, IHOPsAdvocate, amirite?
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(insert cholesterol-based "heart growing three sizes bigger" joke here)
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This thing is about as “fluffy” as a cinder block. It’s the length of my forearm and three times as thick.

and now banned on tumblr
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Previously on Metafilter: Nine French Toast Squares for Mortal Men Doomed to Die (The Hobbit Menu at Denny's)
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Came in here to note that there was a Fantastic Four menu at Denny's that had a Thing Burger slathered in Thing Sauce but was beaten to it by the author
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Worth it for “vomlette”.
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Is the Grinch getting the Dead President treatment, where all the rotten things he did are ignored, in service of transforming him into a Beloved Icon? Because I don't think that was Geisel's intent.
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Missing: Last can of WhoHash...
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I would eat that omlette.
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(BBQ instead of “barbecue,” a la whipped “topping” instead of cream)
Are there really tight enough regulations on what constitutes barbecue sauce where this is true? I kind of get the feeling that barbecue is shortened to bbq for ease of spelling/marketing reasons rather than ingredient purity.
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There is no reason they couldn't say "barbecue," but the author is working the "ha ha I'm eating at IHOP ha ha" angle. I am willing to overlook the style for the Seuss parody lead-in and trailer (whatever the correct terms of art are). I thought he nailed it.

I sampled two of his similar columns and they each struck me as Extruded Clickbait Product. The sort of column they'd serve at Denny's if it were a website.
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