I’m going to talk about abortion! ABORTION!
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An interview and biography of Pat Maginnis, the founder of Society for Humane Abortion, whose legal branch would become NARAL.

Reminder: Medication for abortion is available at https://aidaccess.org/en/
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What a great interview. Selfishly, I'd love her to do a public speaking tour.
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It really is a terrific profile--thanks so much for posting it. She's clearly an important figure in American reproductive justice history.
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Well behaved women seldom make history. Of course even the rabble-rousers don’t make history either. I’m sorry this is the first I’m hearing of this woman she sounds amazing.
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Oh, it's Lili Loofbourow. She's marvelous.

Maginnis is a hero.
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This tweet from Lili has another great photo of Maginnis.
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"This tweet from Lili has another great photo of Maginnis."

Click on the photo in the tweet to see the full thing. Budding photographers: this is why you ask your subject if there is anything they want to do with a picture/portrait; it might be an awful idea, but it also might be the best picture you take.
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