What they're up to, only Heaven knows!
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20 years ago, Cyndi Lauper released her delightfully sensitive, playfully zydeco, also rather traditional [full album, 42m] sixth studio album, Merry Christmas... :P Have A Nice Life! It's mostly original songs with a few very strong covers or traditional carols mixed in. Quality stuff, IMO! (When has Cyndi ever NOT released quality stuff?) Side A: Home On Christmas Day, Early Christmas Morning, Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree, Christmas Conga, Minnie And Santa, Feels Like Christmas posted by hippybear (6 comments total) 29 users marked this as a favorite
It's nice to see someone treating the Christmas album as something other than a cash grab. (I'm looking at you, Mr. Dylan).
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I remember an interview with Paul Rubens (aka Pee Wee Herman) where he said he always thought Madonna was going to be a flash in the pan and Cyndi Lauper would become the biggest star on earth. When the interviewer asked why, suddenly Paul got very serious, looked right at him, and said "Have. You. Heard. Her. Sing?"
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(When has Cyndi ever NOT released quality stuff?)

What’s good enough for you is good enough for me.
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My favourite Cyndi Lauper Christmas song is, of course, A Christmas Duel, in a duet with The Hives.

NSFW, bleak. The first two lines are "I bought no gifts this year / and I slept with your sister", and it only gets bleaker and fouler from there. I love it.
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suddenly Paul got very serious, looked right at him, and said "Have. You. Heard. Her. Sing?

She's literally the hidden weapon of singers. People don't take her seriously until they've seen her live and then suddenly their entire worlds are shaken. k.d. lang is the same way in a different register and timbre. There are singers who are tornados contained in human bodies unleashed in concert halls, and Cyndi is one of them.

Cyndi could NEVER have played Evita Peron in that movie, but sit for a moment and imagine her singing Don't Cry For Me Argentina. Yeah, those goosebumps are serious things.
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While my wallet doesn't entirely love that you do this (as I have bought some of the albums you have introduced on the blue), I really appreciate that you take us on a periodic guided tour of your record crates! Thank you!
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