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mysterio sympatico is the latest collaboration between jazz guitarist bill frisell and cartoonist jim woodring, who designed a few covers for frisell's records. in honor of flash friday, whimgrinder is online for your amusement (though sadly without frisell's score). what are some animation/music combos you'd like to see?
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i've always 'enjoyed' woodring's stuff. frisell i'm up and down on but jim's always appreciated. thanks for the link.
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Though Frisell has said that Woodring's art is the closest thing to a visual representation of his music, the one that always hit it for me was the cover of Quartet. I guess, like all good things, Frisell's music strikes everyone, including its creator, in a different way.
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if only i lived in seattle. frisell's music is wonderful, and i always thought he would be incredibly well-suited to do movie soundtracks. he did do a soundtrack album for a number of buster keaton films back in 1995, which is suppposed to be excellent, although i've not heard it. i guess i just have to hope for a DVD release.

incidently, frisell's newest album came out eariler this week. anyone heard it yet?
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frisell actually has done movie soundtracks. unfortunately the films he's scored have been tripe -- the million dollar hotel, anyone? finding forrester? eeep.

i attempted to watch one week with his music cued up behind it. unfortunately i wasn't able to get it quite right. anyone seen that with the music?
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If you like the Mysterio Sympatico project, check out Trosper, a book/CD collaboration between Frisell and Woodring released in February. I saw Frisell play two nights at the Largo in Los Angeles a couple months ago, and it was an epic experience. The new album is great, too -- much better than the Dave Holland/Elvin Jones collaboration.
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wax: glad to hear the new album is good. i was so disappointed by the holland/jones collaboration.
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