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Two images of the miners' strike, an instant apart: so which is the classic? The great photographers Don McPhee and Martin Jenkinson both shot a miner in a policeman’s helmet confronting cops at Orgreave – but whose image became iconic, and who decides? (previously)
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The article mentions other near misses in photojournalism; this article about the image of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald stands out to me. (Perhaps because I was born 2 weeks after it was taken.)
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Well before Instagram I venture. A violent confrontation.
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This happens from time to time.
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From the article, it looks like there is an interesting exhibition of photographs by Martin Jenkinson in Sheffield until April. I may pop along if I find myself in the area.
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I don't think it's super confusing, one is a better photograph that captures more individual personality and complex dynamics. McPhee's photograph isn't bad, but it's generic.
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With the way they were cropped at the top of the article, the one on the left is way better because the subjects are framed well and they're making eye contact. That tight crop ruins the photo on the right—nobody is relating to anybody else, it's a mess.

With the original cropping, it shines. Shows the common humanity of the folks on each side, inviting the viewer to step out of their preconceived biases and think holistically about the people involved.

Shows the power of cropping! Although yes, it also shows the power of capturing the moment, and how fleeting that moment can be. Some modern cameras have crazy high burst rates—mine can shoot at 24fps. You'd think that would be overkill, but it's not. Sometimes it makes all the difference.
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