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Andy Serkis joins the debate on Brexit by expressing Theresa May's inner Gollum. (slyt)
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"We takes back control! Money… borders… laws… blue passportses!"

Absolutely hilarious.
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This is impeccable, and I am delighted to see the Remain movement up its game quite suddenly this month. I tend to have no cookies from places like google, so I was delighted to see on my fresh click-to-accept-everything YouTube page that random punters are getting this pro-EU video narrated by Steven Fry recommended to them.

The sad thing is that I still see May as a Remainer in the mode of Hesseltine, who is just gritting her teeth and calling the Quitlings' bluff in the absence of any real parliamentary power to fix things. I think her "Brexit deal" is a useful target for political satire, but as a stateswoman I think she's caught in a spiderweb of competing factions and simply has no room to move.
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"You don't HAVE any friends!"
Andy Serkis rocks.
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I still cannot believe this is the same man who was a burly villain in Black Panther
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From the credits, this appears to be mostly a creation of Anthony Minghella’s offspring. Filmmaking runs in the family I guess...
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He is wayyyyyyy scarier as Gollum without the CGI.
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The sad thing is that I still see May as a Remainer in the mode of Hesseltine

It needs to be reiterated that the one thing that motivates May is racism. During her tenure at the Home Office she turned it into a machine with apparently the sole purpose of persecuting and deporting non-British and non-white people. On taking charge of Brexit, although I'm sure she's a fan of the single market, her one motivation - and I think she'd sell out the rest of it for this, though sadly for her that's not how it works - is to use it to end freedom of movement. Look at her, standing up in front of people and telling them she's taken their freedom away and expecting them to be grateful. And some of them are, because they weren't using that freedom anyway, and the only people who did were foreigners, and undesirables, and weirdos and lefties.
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May's time at the Home Office is also remembered for a change in the practise of 'search under suspicion' (basically policemen having a look in the pockets of folk on the street). SUS was widely regarded as targeting Afro-Carribeans disproportionately, and May said so in a speech at the time ignoring her own speechwriter in the process. SUS was massively reduced under May's direction. Hardly the actions and words of a racist (from the link: "She wanted to portray herself as a defender of justice for ethnic minorities"). The event certainly illustrates her fault of not listening.
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I doubt May would watch this by choice, but I hope some waggish reporters ask her if she's seen it so she at least knows it exists.
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Thanks, I hate it
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The number of uses of stop and search fell substantially, from 1.5M to ~300,000 from 2008/9 to 2016/7, but the likelihood of a black person being the subject of such a search went from 6 times more likely then for a white person to be searched, to being 9 times more likely.

More widely, I don't see how you can follow the issues arising in the Windrush scandal and the wider 'hostile environment' policies and not come to the conclusion that May is a racist and a xenophobe.
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Biffa, the link I gave (and links in the link) gives a different interpretation of the SUS data.
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Unfortunately the spectator isn't letting me look any further than the first article, so I can't see what evidence there might be, but it sounds pretty dubious to just say there were more black people available on the street to search which is what the linked article seems to suggest. Regardless the Windrush stuff alone is condemnation enough. Is it a disgrace that Rudd can be back in May's cabinet after 6 months and its happened because she took a bullet for May on May's disgraceful immigration policies.
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The infamous 'Go Home' vans were on May's watch (and they were a failure anyway... perhaps not surprisingly the phone line was swamped with hoax calls)
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Biffa, after a search, the article I had in mind is available here. It appears to be one of May's special advisers that did the ignoring, so the point is moot; apologies to all.
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David Allen Green’s summary of the situation:
Today's Brexit summary:

UK parliament will not support the deal
EU27 says the deal will not be renegotiated
EU court says Brexit can be revoked
UK not prepared for No Deal
Brexit will happen by automatic operation of law on 29 March 2019, unless it is stopped or extended
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So is this a good thing or a bad thing? I guess it's a Schrodinger's thing until we have some idea of what comes next. I only ask as my career is entirely dependent on EU funding and even with government guarantees there will be little legal basis for research contracts if we no deal. That and the rest of the economy going to shit of course.
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it's fine
everything is fine

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Today on the news I think I caught her saying something like "We will always stand by Ireland" which nearly made me throw up and I'd be interested to see some Irish perspectives on that idiotic statement. But It's beyond the BBC to present such at the moment.

She's done nothing but lie to all partners from one negotiation to another. She is a pernicious and specious careerist. As well as a racist, punitive, little englander tory.
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So is that guy Lord Protector now, or
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> everything is fine

everything is fire
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