"My mind drifts to that time when Paris didn't resemble the USA at all"
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In "Nadja à Paris" (New York Review of Books, Apr. 29, 2015), Nadja Tesich offers an account of starring in Éric Rohmer's short film Nadja in Paris (1964; 13 mins., available in two parts): "Over the years it had become like an official version of my life, obliterating the rest. While real life was bigger, it was chaotic and shapeless. The film had a structure, and I could see myself." In an epilogue, Tesich says, "We were many things for each other ... but for [Éric] I was always 'Nadja' from André Breton's novel [PDF]." Filmmaker/theorist Richard Misek had briefly wondered about these issues in Rohmer in Paris (2013; 67 mins.), but his documentary remains of interest as a larger meditation on cinephilia, Paris, coincidence, and obsession.
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Folks with the inline video player preference enabled may be experiencing an issue with Vimeo links that skip ahead some amount of time (it seems to convert a # to a &), so here's an unmodified link to Rohmer in Paris that should work for all.
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So I read this and thought it very interesting - she makes the decision not to try to become a movie star because she likes neither the artificiality nor the gender politics of the scene, and fortunately her PhD is done and she gets a job in the US, so she just leaves, bam, the end.

Anyway, I noticed that she wrote several novels with sort of left-ish titles so I thought I'd look her up, and the first thing I found was - an obituary in Workers' World. She seems to have been involved with a thing called the International Action Center, founded by Ramsey Clark, who is much more left-wing than I'd thought. I also found that she has no wikipedia entry.
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