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2018, measured in relative time, was approximately 137 years long, so what better way to celebrate a year of temporal density than by experiencing every chart-topping hit of the past chronological year with Bootie's list of the best year-end mega mashups.

If that's not enough for you, you could also check out their album of this year's finest non-mega mashups with the Best of Bootie 2018, or the 5th triennial A Very Bootie Christmas.

Is one year of pop still insufficient? Enjoy some mashups incorporating the last decade of pop music:

Decade of Pop by Adamusic
The Evolution of Pop by JJP
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2018, measured in relative time, was approximately 137 years long

Remember back in 2016, when it seems like all the great artists like Bowie and Prince and George Michael were dying, and here on MeFi we were bemoaning that terrible year?

That now feels like the Rapture, and the past two years, the Tribulation.

Might as well crank a Bootie Mashup as to cry...

(...and Alan Rickman, and Carrie Fisher, and Gene Wilder, and...)
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i've never heard of Sofi Tukker, so after listening to a bit of Batshit Sexy, I realized the vocals were mostly from Right Said Fred, so I checked out their song Batshit, and I laughed when the vocals basically have the same voice as Right Said Fred
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also Don Hector – Closer Macarena is both violently terrible and extremely amazing
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every year there's one song from the Bootie mix that just gets me. this time it's Happy Cat Disco – What About Los Angeles (P!nk vs. The Midnight). It's been transformed from a poignant danceable song to a poignant driving song.
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I know it's not really a banger per se and the juxtaposition is just absolutely goofy, so I can get not putting it on the final mix, but goddam if that Jeremy vs. Footloose "Jereloose" mashup in the runner ups isn't a thing of beauty.
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Jeremy vs. Footloose "Jereloose" mashup

Try to forget this, try to erase this from your blackboard...
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For a while I was testing DJ Earworm against the Pop Danthology, but one year they both kinda fizzled for me and I've not gone back.

I guess I'm lookin' again.
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It's worth noting that Pop Danthology was done by Daniel Kim up until 2015, after which he stopped making them. However, there have still been releases using that name each year since. I don't know if they're officially endorsed or whatever, but it's definitely a different DJ.

And yeah, over time the end-of-year mashes have becomes less compelling for me as well, but I'm not sure if that's because as I age out of the pop demographic I'm less and less familiar with the songs or that it kind of averages out a year's worth of pop and so each subsequent one feels more repetitive.
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I'm posting a bit late, but Happy Cat Disco did a great 2018 New Year Celebration Megamashup!
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