All the cats join in for a rendition of “That Sweet, Sweet Hand Blood”
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Hyper-Realistic Scenes Cut from “Cats” the Musical That They Should Put in the Movie (Sarah Hutto, New Yorker)
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TL-LOL (true life LOL)
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These things can sometimes be hit and miss, but this one was pretty great.
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First it tried to get me to install the app.

Then it tried to shame me about my ad blocker.

Then it tried to make me buy a subscription.

And when I finally swiped back in disgust, it tried to make my subscribe to their newsletter.

Fuck. That.
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Sorry about that. Here's a non-New Yorker link.
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I literally LOLed at length at "I Eated the Bread, All of It, And it Didn't Fit In Me."
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Also the movie just ends halfway through because the cat in the projection booth attacked the projector and is now batting at the loose film as it flips around and around.
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