I Was Looking For a Club and Now I Found a Club
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I can't watch this till I get home in about six hours. I will however remind the world once again that David Squires in the guardian is a genius in his depiction of eMourinho. I am deeply suspicious that the timing of his departure was based on maximising the time till the next edition.
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Lovely cover and seconding the Squires comment.
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If you clicked into this thread, this may also make you laugh: How to Write a Morrissey Song (Sing the Third).
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The “Funeral for a Fred” shirt on yesterday’s eMourinho was the best one yet.

Also: COYS
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The youtube link here is a rip-off of Swede Mason's original, for the record. He has a track record of this sort of thing.
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The front office has decided it's OK for Pogba to dictate club management, and that all 3 year olds should be allowed to eat ice cream and beer for every meal. And now the new boss won't be allowed to shit without approval from HIS two bosses (and, of course, Pogba). Let's see how that works out. Can you imagine Pogba throwing shade at Alex Ferguson? "Attack attack attack!", Pogba, and I hope you do well when you're sold off to France or Scotland after next season.
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I think that sort of thing does happen, not least with Mourinho at Chelsea in 2016, but I don't think that was what happened this time. The Pogba side of things is subordinate to Mourinho not looking like he had any meaningful strategy for winning anything let alone building a team that could be long-term contenders in English and European competition. Certainly he seemed to have lost the dressing room but the team itself seems to lack any sort of coherence as a team, and that is pretty much apparent to any spectator. I'm not convinced that translates into the team having the coherence to actively having been briefing against Mourinho.
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Same here glad you did
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The front office has decided it's OK for Pogba to dictate club management

Oh come on. Mourinho's alienated players at every team since Real Madrid. He could get away with that when he actually won something, but that clearly wasn't going to happen at Man U.
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