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The Moody Blues' final studio album in 2003 was, oddly enough a Holiday album [YT playlist ~42m]. December featured the core of the group (Haywood, Lodge, and Edge, still together since the 60s). It feels like it might tip over into kitsch at any moment, but always avoids it and ends up feeling more poignant than anything else. CD: Don't Need A Reindeer, December Snow, In The Quiet Of Christmas Morning (Bach 147), On This Christmas Day, Happy Xmas (War Is Over), A Winter's Tale, The Spirit Of Christmas, Yes I Believe, When A Child Is Born, White Christmas, In The Bleak Midwinter
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The Moody Blues' final most recent studio album...

They're not dead yet - still well worth seeing in concert.
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studio album
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Also, "final most recent studio album"... is not a quote.
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I can't believe I've been listening to TMBs since I was 10. They NEVER get old.
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I had no idea this existed and my mom loves the Moody Blues. I guess that's one more present for her this year!
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Sweet! How is it that the "all-christmas-all-the-time" format that takes over all the radio stations for a month doesn't include "I Don't Need a Reindeer" in the mix? I can't believe it's been out there for 15 years and I'm just now hearing about it.
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Nice post.
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This reminded me of my all-time favorite "Progressive Rock" Christmas song, Greg Lake's (of Emerson, him & Palmer) "I Believe in Father Christmas".
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