Meet the Hurdy-Gurdy Man
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A hand-cranked medieval instrument with 80 moving parts. “In the Middle Ages, it was known in Latin as the organistrum and the symphonia, and in French as the vielle à roue (the vielle with the wheel).” With a sound produced by a “rosined wooden wheel, turned by a crank” that set “a number of strings in continuous droning vibration,” the hurdy gurdy can, it's true, give off a bit of a folk horror vibe.
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A previous hurdy-gurdy post.
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Here's a Hurdy Gurdy kit you can assemble yourself from laser cut plywood. It sounds terrible! :)
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10 Iconic Guitar Riffs Played on the Hurdy Gurdy Part 1 and Part 2
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"...who can tell me what this is called in French?"

Le hurdy gurdy?
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The late, great Ethan James recorded several albums of haunting and beautiful hurdy gurdy music. They are worth a listen. Here's a playlist.

This was James' third musical reincarnation. Previously, he produced and engineered albums by punk and underground bands, like Black Flag and the Minutemen, at his Radio Tokyo studio in Southern California. And before that, he played in the early heavy metal band, Blue Cheer. What an amazing, if too short, lifetime.
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Bear McCreary used one for the (beautiful) opening sequence of Black Sails.
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I love Omen by Guilhem Desq (with backup selection Break Your Crank).
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Speaking of McCreary’s Black Sails theme, he gave a pretty good interview talking about the hurdy-gurdy’s versatility, and in which he says that he was struggling to make the instrument sound good until he realized that he didn’t need to sound good*, he needed to sound like a pirate.

* I think it sounds great, but his standards are apparently a lot higher than mine.
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Subject of the saddest song ever written.
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Subject of the saddest song ever written.

And here's the same song sung in English by Harry Plunket Greene. Nearing seventy he can no longer offer vocal splendor, but what an artist. No label credit for the pianist, Gerald Moore. Abbey Road, 1934.
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I've got a couple of albums by the gurdycentric band Ad Vielle Que Pourra (music on youtube) which I like. Apparently the name is a pun.
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Swiss folk/pagan metal band Eluveitie uses the hurdy-gurdy quite a bit. Check out Eluveitie's Anna Murphy Explains The Hurdy-Gurdy and a live version of their song Thousandfold.
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Yeah, I love this instrument, as it consistently punches my ASMR button.


YouTube hurdy gurdy mediaeval tune with organ
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Quasthoff’s performance of Leiermann is also stunning.
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Thank you for posting. Clearly there was a hurdy-gurdy-shaped hole in my listening life.

In my brief tumble down this rabbit hole, I found this, which ends up a bit like an outtake from Physical Graffiti pending Robert Plant’s vocals.
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the hurdy gurdy is "the only musical instrument that uses a crank to turn a wheel to rub strings like the bow of a violin to produce music."
See also, Godley & Creme's Gizmotron from 1975 which replaced the crank with a little electric motor. Actually, six motors, and wheels -- one for each string of an electric guitar.

You can hear it used on their Consequences. Note the Wikipedia entry says LZ used it on In Through The Out Door.
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Oh thank you for this post. I am becoming such a big fan of the hurdy gurdy since that pirates show intro and the last MF post. Bring on all the hurdy gurdy stuff you've got internet!
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It is also vital when attempting to recover the Coconut of Quendor.
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It sounds a lot like bagpipes.
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I was introduced to the hurdy gurdy when I saw Arcade Fire on SNL in their early days. There was a chick just getting so into it with some weird instrument that I had no idea what it was. This video is from a little later tha year (2007). Watch to the end for a broken camera lens!
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