Now I Am
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Christy Williams wrote a powerful piece, published in The Rumpus, about people's assumptions. (CW: racism, sexism.)
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Wow that sucks, big time. I am hoping that the "now I am" is mostly just a plot device, otherwise that is some really tough baggage to be carrying around. Good luck Christy.
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Now I am moved.
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Meatbomb, yes, it's some really tough baggage ... that is how oppression works. I'm trying to understand your comment -- did you think people aren't influenced by such exchanges along with the whole culture that undergirds them?
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This is a person I could be friends with. Totally get them.
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allthinky, I can't speak for Meatbomb, but I had the exact same thought. Knowing that people carry that baggage around is different from actually being a person who is subject to those comments and carries that baggage around. My first thought as a white female after reading the first "Now I am..." was was, "No, you are not. You are you, not what others say you are." I am a member of many privileged classes and can never fully grasp Christy's experiences. It is nearly impossible for me to change my internal knee-jerk responses, but I do try.
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