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The Tournament of Books shortlist has been announced (see also the longlist). In related news, Largehearted Boy continues to track 'Best of 2018' Book Lists. And Emily Temple at LitHub has produced a meta-analysis of 52 lists from 37 sources in an attempt to create "the last best-books-of-2018 list you’ll ever have to read."

Two-thirds of the Tournament of Books competitors made it onto Emily Temple's meta-list, yielding the ordering below: The Tournament of Books previously: "Reading one book is like eating one potato chip" and "The Rooster Returns."
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Also, over on Fanfare, tofu_crouton has set up a "2019 Tournament of Books" club based on this organizing discussion in Fanfare Talk.
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I always find my favorite books of the year from the underrated ToB books. Unfortunately my library doesn't have most of them this time around. Le sigh.
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That Largehearted Boy metalist is amazing.
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I finished Tommy Orange's There There a few weeks ago, and I keep thinking about it. I haven't read much of the shortlist, but I could see Orange powering right through the brackets.
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Some of my Goodreads friends really disliked There There. I think it's likely that it can hit a judge in the tournament who feels the same way and bumps it.

Of course, as one of the more popular books it's also most likely to be a zombie pick.
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Three ToB competitors are on Obama's 2018 round-up: There There, Washington Black, and Warlight. His zombie pick remains unclear.
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Today, u/pokiria at r/Fantasy did for SFF what Emily Temple did for general fiction: Best of the Best: Science Fiction and Fantasy in 2018.
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Thanks, Washington Black is now on my next list - can't wait to read it.
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