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This Krautrock Olympics Soundtrack Will Blow Your Mind. "This triumphant, all-instrumental collection of (mostly) synthetic baubles, bubbles, hums, whistles, and moonscapes may also be one of the 10 best Krautrock albums ever released. It’s so good that it’s largely irrelevant that it’s the fruit of a well-executed hoax." Youtube Playlist for Kosmische Lauder Volume 3 (The Secret Cosmic Music Of The East German Olympic Program 1972-83).

fake bio: In East Germany in the early 1970’s Martin Zeichnete worked as a sound editor for DEFA, (Deutsche Film-Aktiengesellschaft), the state-owned film studio. Like many young East Germans of the time he would listen furtively to West German radio at night and became infatuated with the Kosmische Musik or ‘Krautrock’ epitomised by the likes of Kraftwerk, Neu! and Cluster emerging from his neighbouring country. Martin, a keen runner, hit upon the idea of using the repetitive, motorik beats of this new music as a training aid for athletes.

Way more Youtube options ...
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Kosmischer Läufer is now onto Volume Four; all four volumes are available on their BandCamp, along with the Live in Graz EP, in which Yann Tiersen and his band cover Martin Zeichnete's compositions.
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Ehh you never know. I remember when everyone thought Meat Beat Manifesto made up the story about the masters for the original Armed Audio Warfare lost in a studio fire.
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Is it possible that this is by the same hoaxer who concocted Milky Edwards and the Chamberlings?
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This is bad ass!
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Is it possible that this is by the same hoaxer who concocted Milky Edwards and the Chamberlings?

Is it so wrong that I secretly enjoy being a part of the niche music crowd that such hoaxers like to target.

I love my krautrock. Even when it's counterfeit.
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Nothing productive to add, but thanks for sharing this! I wouldn't have come across it otherwise.

*Edit: It's also on spotify.
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