Stonewall: an hour of oral history
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Gay USA's Andy Humm and Ann Northrup look forward to Stonewall 50 with a panel discussion [58m]: Eric Marcus of the Making Gay History podcast [previously], Martin Boyce (present at Stonewall), Carla Jay (original member of Gay Liberation Front), and Jamie Adams (Park Service Ranger in charge of the Stonewall National Monument). Looking to the past to contemplate the future, including Stonewall 50 observances and the Reclaim Pride movement.

Bonus Gay USA hour: Ann Northrup leads a roundtable of lesbian activists in the AIDS epidemic in the 80s and 90s in NYC [58m]. Decades of shared activist experience with Stacy Smith (long-time AIDS activist), Maxine Wolf (ACT-UP veteran), Amanda Lugg (Director of Advocacy at African Services).

Words from the mouths of people who were there early in two different waves of activism. History is still alive.
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Thanks for sharing. I’m one of the organizers of Reclaim Pride, if folks have any questions.
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I missed this because of holiday travel. Fantastic, informative stuff. Thanks for posting!
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