Yet another African dream.
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Yet another African dream. After Cameroon's heroics of Italia '90, Senegal follow up with a quarter-final achievement themselves.
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'Twas a very, very good match. Next up for Senegal -- Turkey or Japan.
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senegal's defense and sweden's offense were both amazing; but their counterparts were simply lackluster.

whose clang went in, and whose didn't...this game had no real winner.
posted by dorian at 2:52 AM on June 16, 2002

what a match... as noted above no matter what, a team that has never been there before (or even close) will be in the semis.
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At some moments in the first half of the match, I thought I might fall asleep from boredom. Senegal picked up the pace a bit, though, and then it was just the Swedes who seemed to be happy to sleep around their box.

I did not see the second half but knew Senegal won when I heard the celebrations rising up from the streets (of Paris, that is).
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well done by senegal, that team has great players. when diouf dribbles he is able to easily get inside the box… we'll see if senegal is an historic team by defeating japan in the quarters, a very difficult feat, and reach the semis

by the way spain is leading 1-0… ireland has just missed a penalty kick!

forecast: mexico 2-1 u.s. ¡viva méxico cabrones!
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i'm gutted after the ireland shootout result...

but massive respect to sengal! i can see them going further in this tournament, quite a feat - they've been impressive
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Article from The Guardian about how important this is for the people of the country.
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Poor Ireland, losing on Bloomsday. The announcer also mentioned that most of those in attendance missed the last train to Seoul. Next up for Spain -- Korea or Italy.

Good article on Senegal, I would not have been able to find country on the map a couple weeks ago.
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"We were all kissing it!"We love football even more than boys
From the FIFA official World Cup website -- international fans have their little weblogs, too
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Senegal fan, celebrating in Stockholm, from the highly recommended yahoo photo galleries.
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