Here's to another year of good dogs
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Undisputed best Twitter account of all time @dog_rates (previously) has posted the best video of the past year: The Dogs Of 2018 (YouTube link, because good dogs deserve 720p).
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Anyone who starts my new year off with a dog post gets all my favorite!
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PUP spelled backward is still PUP. But DOG spelled backward, I suggest you think that over.
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*pours one out for Pippin*
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Thank you. I needed that.
Greedily seeks back catdogalogue. Finds only 2016.
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15/10. Such good dogs. Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for this! I needed it too.
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So much fluff. Thanks for sharing!
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This was a wonderful thing to wake up to. Thanks for posting it!
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The best thing that happened in 2018 was when We Rate Dogs and I've Pet That Dog teamed up to cover the AKC national dog show. I think it was the only good thing that happened in 2018. They also continue to post ridiculous pictures of the dogs they met at the dog show.
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Dogs are the Best Thing Ever. Thank you for this.
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Can also recommend that podcast Can I Pet Your Dog.
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Really needed that, my good little doggie Sammie passed back in early December, she was the sweetest little pup.
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My condolences, e1c.
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