Mini history & walkthrough of the making of PEZ [SLYT: 4 min10sec]
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PfeffErminZ aka PEZ (the sweet micro bricks) and thier holders, are older than you think. Every time someone eats a PEZ, you might be surprised to know that creation of the confectionery (and it's holders) involves at least seven different US Patents.

The most expensive ever PEZ dispenser was valued at a reported $13,000 (thirteen thousand dollars), and several styles of dispenser are considered high value collectibles.

There is a PEZ museum in Burlingame, California, and the tiny sweet has several conventions dedicated to it in several different countries.

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There is also a PEZ Visitor Center in Milford, CT where PEZ are made. It's a lot of fun.
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The orange ones are the best.
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The LEGO of Candy.

In fact, if they ever come up with interlocking PEZ, the rest of the hard candy industry might as well close up shop.
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PEZ taste best on Christmas morning just pulled from your stocking and freshly loaded into a crisp new Darth Vader dispenser.

However, I never made it all the way through a full multi-pack of PEZ before the candies had gone stale.
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Only place I've run into PEZ for sale in the last decade is a diner in California. Walking around on Halloween nowadays, the only candy people give out is the standard stuff you can find at a Walgreens (M&M, Skittles, Butterfingers, Snickers, etc). People have got to mix it up with PEZ and whatnot.
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“The PEZ that don't pass quality control are sent to farms, as a special treat for these guys!” [footage of grazing cattle]

...wait, what?
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Technically their distribution center is in Milford, and the visitor center is in Orange. However, the visitor center didn't exist until almost 2010 - many lost fieldtrip opportunities for schoolkids from surrounding towns.
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“The PEZ that don't pass quality control are sent to farms, as a special treat for these guys!” [footage of grazing cattle]

...wait, what?

This is incredibly common. Turns out the empty calories in reject candy works well for augmenting cattle feed.
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I'm surprised they can work the dispensers with their hoofs.
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I once heard Nancy Reagan described as a human PEZ dispenser and I've never been able to get the image of tilting that giant head back on that tiny body to get candy ever since.

Just say NO to Nancy PEZ.
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I always ended up just unwrapping the whole stack and eating it in one go. Je suis un monstre.
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I looked into making homemade Pez candy awhile back (so I could do fun flavors), but man, that just looked like a Whole Thing.
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yeah. compacting sugar and making moulds is hard. I'm sure someone has tried something 3d printed, but the strength and tolerances aren't there (cf people who try to 3d-print Lego …)
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