I feel so frickin' sorry for them... I had to deal with it too...
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I feel so frickin' sorry for them... I had to deal with it too... So how many other inspired amateurs and auteurs out there had to suck it down with all the flooding this weekend? One of the people I was yelling at at Interland said they had had 500 complaints in 24 hours (one (or more) of the attackers was coming from their netblock).
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Of course Interland claimed the hits I was taking was via spoofed traffic during the two days they were hitting me. The funny thing is that I was getting hit from a second host: DellHost.com. What makes it funny is that when their team worked on it, I stopped getting hits from them within 12 hours. Makes you wonder about the spoofed part, eh?

Oh, yeah, did I mention they have no practical way for non-customers to call them other than hectoring some priority-level tech support schmuck into getting someone on the phone? This, of course, yielded a 50/50 success rate. Half the time I got someone, the other half got me dumped back into voice mail...

I don't think (Microsoft's pet business ISP or not) I'll be doing business with them ever...
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Yet another script-kiddy who thinks he is sick-cool because he can run a prepackaged script. Really pathetic. But again, this shows how little-prepared their IT staff was for this kind of attack. Back in 2000, they kept saying this kind of thing wouldn't happen again, because they would be prepared next time. Guess they weren't.

And as for Interland, I won't use them (Warning: Pseudo-Self Link). Maybe they are better now, but they were horrible when I was with them, and I found a much better host. I've never even had to pick the phone up, one help desk ticket, and they've always been answered in like 10 minutes.
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"that was eventually traced to a Canadian teen-ager"

The hyphenated emphasis makes me concerned what if it were an Iranian ad-ult?
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Who attacks the Weather Channel? I don't really picture them as a big media empire. They just like, tell you the weather. Sheesh.
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See http://careers.yahoo.com/s/wetfeet/776.html and the Columbia Journalism Review for what Landmark Communications (TWC's parent company) owns.
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Interland is awful. Not only unreliable, not only incompetent, not only utterly unconcerned with customer satisfaction, but borderline dishonest---to be generous. The dedicated Googler will find many "Interland ripped me off" websites, with two complaints repeated over and over again: 1) "If they honored their 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, I'd've never paid for a month of service." 2) "Funny, there's no mention of the 99.9 percent uptime guarantee on their site anymore."

Samizdata, you're luckier than you know. Most of us who've been jerked around by the scammers and dullards at Interland were paying for the privilege.
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Well, it's finally ended, so I'm happy, but as I host the server of a box sitting right behind me on my personal DSL line, it was really killing me.

I was within inches, nay, nanometres of hiring a lawyer and lodging suit...
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