Yiddish Glory: The Lost Songs of World War II
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As WWII raged, Soviet ethnomusicologists began documenting Jews' lyrical reactions to their lives—Red Army soldiers, women working in factories on the home front, refugees in Siberia. Now a team of Yiddish scholars, performers, and composers has recorded 17 of the songs, long believed lost.

You can stream the full album for free (or buy it) through the Bandcamp link. I recommend starting with Shpatsir in Vald (A Walk in the Forest), sung by Sophie Milman, whose grandfathers fought in the Red Army.

The project had its public world premiere in 2016 with a live performance and Q&A for Toronto's 96.3 FM (video).
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Oh, thank you! My mother attends a Yiddish club every other week, and I'm always looking for things for her to share with the group. (For an 82yo, she's pretty spry with the web, but this is just fascinating.)
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'Deutschland ist aufhören, Hitler ist Kaput'

The actual orthography is likely different from what I got above, but the intent was unmistakable.
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Really loving Bandcamp lately.
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Oh, this is hard to listen to.
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Oh thank you for bringing this to my attention. Are the lyrics and translations available anywhere?
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The CD for sale on Bandcamp comes with a booklet of lyrics and translations. Zoom in on the third image on the page for two of them. Not sure if the digital album includes anything but the songs.

The record company has a site for the group where you can see some images of the original transcriptions.
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