Who are the Golden Girls of Prospect Cemetery?
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What is the story behind an uncommon burial plot in Toronto - with a tombstone that reads "friends" and occupied by four unrelated women? It is a story about the Carpatho-Russians, immigration, the Depression, Communism, the card game hola, and the friendship of four women.
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I read this an hour or so ago. Somewhere around the point of the diehard communist evangelizer, things take on a Coen Brothers tinge.
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It got a little dusty in here.
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Fascinating. Thanks for posting this.
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Sent this to my dearest folks. This is the kind of life-sustaining friendship I wish for everyone.
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Wow, this is something I have a long simmering interest in. Russians - Rusyns - Ruthenians has some serious political implications (well it did, the issue has been long settled)... these guys were a tiny batch of Slavs at the very far end of the Carpathians, distinct ethnicity, and in the interwar years the Eastern end of Czechoslovakia... initially a three-way unity of Czechs, Slovaks, and Ruthenians. You never really hear about it but that bit was also a part of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Soviet gobbling up of territories on their Western border at the start of WW2. So it is part of Ukraine now, and I suppose that these folk have been heavily pressured to assimilate culturally. Wonder to what extent Ruthenia is still a distinct concept and cultural / ethnic entity?
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I love this story.
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