Judging the bog passable which hath such things growing there on
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One for the Great Band Names file: The Mossy Grot.
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There are some great turns of phrase in this, e.g., many will fondly recall the fabled 70s bush that could scour a greasy pot clean.
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A very good article, though she does skip from the Roman era to the Renaissance and early modern period. In the medieval period the Trotula, a widely copied book on feminine health, hygiene, and cosmetics dating to the 12th century, gives several recipes for body hair removal as well as recipes for aftercare in case the hair removal burned the skin. Several of the recipes are based on lime and would function similar to modern depilatory creams (e.g. Nair).

The text suggests that pubic hair removal was part of the goal. The depilatory recipes in the Trotula begin with "In order that a woman might become very soft and smooth and without hairs from her head down".

She notes the connection between pubic hair loss and syphilis leading to pubic hair being more desirable in Europe at the very end of the 15th century, so that fits with pubic hair removal being popular before that, at least in some parts of Europe.

Of course, I’m not making a normative argument at all, and the popularity of pubic hair removal in the medieval period (as in the Roman period) probably had far more to do with patriarchy and male obsession with “purity”, virginity, etc than it did with women’s agency or self-chosen fashion or bodily autonomy. But it did seem like a bit of a gap in the author’s historical summary.
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Huh, I don't think I'd ever heard that pubic hair loss was associated with syphilis, though it makes sense.

"Trouser sprouts" is a great euphemism for pubic hair. This article was enlightening and entertaining.
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There are so many hair-removal businesses in my neighbourhood that my wife and I refer to it as the Waxing District.
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She didn’t mention painted public hair on classical statues, nor merkins.
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There is one near my work called The Pretty Kitty.

My niece is an "esthetician" which means all kinds of things, including waxing, and as a result very blase about ripping hair off of people's nethers.
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growing a new band member for ZZ Top in your pants

So it *is* possible to run out of euphemisms for pubic hair!
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At first I was confused, and then I cracked up laughing, the first time I saw the business called Lunchbox Wax.
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the first time I saw the business called Lunchbox Wax.

I hope whomever drew their logo got a bonus, that is a distinctive design.
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Much has been said of the strumpets of you're,
Of wenches and bawdy-house queens by the score,
But I sing of a baggage that we all adore,
The landlord's daughter!
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I actually recently had a conversation with three men, ranging from late twenties to mid fifties, about female pubic hair. Demi Moore's 80s nudes were spoken of approvingly and that made me happy. I'm a non-shaver all year round, but I also have the benefit of being naturally blonde and not having a single curly hair on my body.
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I'm tickled pink by "trouser sprouts" as well.
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