so far unidentified gene on sheep chromosome 10
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I think I applied (unsuccessfully) for a postdoctoral position to work on the related deer project.
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Somewhere there's a picture of me carrying a soay under each arm down the road because they didn't want to lead and they didn't want to herd so it was easier to just yeet them the whole way. The best part of the photo is a realtor in the background who wasn't prepared to see such antics and nearly put his car in the ditch.

Good sheep.
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They are utterly amazing little sheep. It's hard to grasp how teeny-tiny they are until you see one up close - so beautifully evolved to suit their island(s), and with no human assistance.
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Thank you for posting this! I have two precious skeins of Soay/Boreray blend wool that I have been planning for some years to knit into a lace shawl (...someday). Love to see photos of these cute little guys and learn more about them.
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Stet I read "Yeet your sheep" to the tune of Rotate Your Owl and my morning is improved immeasurably.
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Found the picture.
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