Bird Box (Abridged)
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Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross scored the Netflix film Bird Box, and they've done a digital release of an abridged score available now. A full score on physical product will be available later. For now, they've put the track Outside on YouTube for everyone.
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I don't know if it's a priming thing or what, but it's funny how I can listen to that track and say, "yup, that's definitely Trent Reznor!"

It just starts with a few piano notes, but yet it's still distinctly him. Huh.
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Came here to say the same. Note 2: Oh, hi Trent!
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Btw, I love this because I can’t listen to lyrics when I write, so their soundtracks get a lot of play from me. Glad to add a new one to the rotation! Thanks for the post!
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I think Reznor proved his soundtrack chops all the way back in Quake.
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It just starts with a few piano notes, but yet it's still distinctly him. Huh.

He's a bit like Bach or Handel in this respect, really.

I don't know how he'd feel about me saying that, but it's true. Vivaldi, also.
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Funny - a sort of obscure Nine Inch Nails song came on the radio yesterday and I was thinking the same thing after the first few notes were played: "Trent Reznor always sounds exactly like Trent Reznor." Even so, I'm always glad when he puts out something new: he's not a one-trick pony like many pop musicians who have a distinct sound (e.g., The Strokes or something). It's a different kind of distinctness.

To speak to the Bach/Handel comment (I'd throw Beethoven in that mix too), Reznor is definitely classically trained. You can absolutely hear it in his music; he started playing piano when he was very young (4 or 5)? It shows.
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Is it a tuning thing? It's more than just the minor key.
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This is one of those albums you really want to listen to with your eyes closed.
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