Before we go any further: no, Mark Jackson didn’t murder anybody.
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If you were an enormous fan of Mark Jackson circa 1990, and you wanted to buy his trading card on eBay in the last few months, you were out of luck. How Two Murderers Were Spotted on an Old Mark Jackson Trading Card.
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That's pretty interesting!

For other ephemera around murder and sports stadium crowds, the doco Long Shot is pretty interesting too!
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They don't seem to be having a good time.
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That's crazy.
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The only thing Mark Jackson murdered was his coaching career with those damn Warriors rotations.
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So I'm jealous of this guy's chill. I feel bad admitting/thinking about it, but I would totally be somewhat upset if my discovery earned someone else retweets and brief internet fame. I have genuine admiration for a fellow who has this kind of success at his esoteric hobby AND a content enough life on the whole that he's blase about his involvement with the resulting news story. I can't define this level of cool.
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This is so fucking wild. If only all these QAnon jackholes would focus their attention on actual weird coincidences and timelines, who knows how much more of this kind of thing is hidden in more-or-less plain sight.
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