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Play with the Osbournes I did a few searches for this nifty app and turned up nothing, which is kind of hard to believe, what with all the hype behind this popular MTV show. I'm not sure about you, but I love the Osbournes... not so much for the well-rounded parenting advice I can garner from it, but for the sheer entertainment value.
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I finally watched a few episodes and my opinion on the show is: Eh. Reminds me too much of the Real World, in which days and days of video are heavily edited in a misleading fashion to give the false impression of conflict, drama and humor, including resequencing and presenting out of context. In addition, the actors are exactly like those chosen for the Real World: naive (except for Sharon), self-involved but not introspective, emotionally stunted and flattered by the presence of camera crews.

Of course, Ozzy's been Hell's ward-heeler in my life since I was a teen, so I forgive him everything.
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I like the show. I think the music, editing, and snarky attitude are what make it so appealing. Couldn't care less for the characters -- it's the subtle commentary the producers are bringing to the table that make me laugh.

BTW, cool flash site.
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One more thing: I will go out on a limb and say that the show has just begun to rev it's engines, preparing to Jump the Shark.

When I hear about the potty-mouthed Osbourne teddy bears and family compilation CD's and Jack Osbourne shoelaces in the pipeline... it just about ruins the show for me.
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