Five levels to conquer
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Two Hamsters Run a Very Clever Maze Created by Their Human With Five Different Levels To Conquer Five different stackable mazes for hamsters to go through. Adorable edible trophies at the end.

There is also a "King of the Hill" vertical maze for climbing. Look at the hamster climbing those rungs!

Also, the Hamster Pringles Obstacle Course, the Halloween Obstacle Course, How To Build Creative Labyrinth for Hamster and Hamster in Hamster-shaped Labyrinth, Hamster Lego Obstacle Course.

As for more building: Lego Playground and Lego Park and Fairy Forest, Tree House, Popsicle Stick House....

There's a lot at The Secret Life of my Hamster.
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That hamster-shaped giant maze is pretty impressive.
posted by doctornemo at 12:27 PM on January 21

the first one's little bum as he crawls/falls down to the next level gave me squeals of joy each time.
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If you listen to the raw audio channel, when it gets to the last level you can hear that hamster mumble "oh, for fuck's sake."
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I liked whenever the hamster would realize the fact that it could climb over the walls, and there would be a not so subtle cut as presumably it was urged to follow the path instead.
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Oh, I just found the Military Obstacle Course.
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Hamster sez, "There are NO Pringles in any of these cans! This is a HAMSTER INJUSTICE!"
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Has anyone hitched a hamster to a tiny carrot harvester? "Give a hamster a carrot and it eats for a day. Teach a hamster to carrot..."
posted by pracowity at 5:13 AM on January 22

"Give a hamster a carrot and it eats for a day. Teach a hamster to carrot..."

And so the Age of Man ended, and the Age of Cricetus began.
posted by Kadin2048 at 12:18 PM on January 22

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