Pac-Man fever, tis driving me crazy.
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Pac-Man fever, tis driving me crazy. It was 1981 or so, I was in 6th grade. I had a mom cool enough to take me out of school for a day, give me a few rolls of quarters and send me to this local bar, where I played Pac-Man all day. I made it to the fourth intermission a few times (which was a damn repeat!), how far did you get?
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all the way, but I had the book on how to do it. I also confess to buying the song...

crazy times....
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From the article:
Space Invaders proved so addictive that it not only inaugurated an entire video game paradigm, it caused a nationwide coin shortage in Japan.

That's cool...
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The game and character were christened "Puckman," from the Japanese pakupaku, meaning to flap one's mouth open and closed...In one of the great preemptive acts of damage control in marketing history, an executive at American licensor Bally/Midway changed the name of the import to Pac-Man, after noting the near-limitless vandalistic potential of the original moniker. This individual's name is lost to the ages, but we can offer silent thanks to him for ensuring a healthy and unblemished Pac-legacy.

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Pac Man Haiku
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I sent very few quarters into pacman's coin door. Asteroids, Robotron, Missle Command,.... the list goes on. Ahh, those were carefree days.
I actually own an upright Robotron and a cocktail Tempest. So, I get my fill when I want. Not sure which one will be next. Won't be pacman though. Anyone ever play the Vectrex console system? I have one of those, not too mention Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Intellivision, Fairchild Channel F, 3do..... uh oh... Geez! I still have a commodore at my Dad's in storage HAHAHAHAHAHA

I think I have a problem. I love Arcade games.

ROBOTRON FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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But I can guarantee that no marketing executive looked at Pac- Man in 1980 and said, "You know what? I think there's a phone here."

They're missing the Pac-Man TV cartoon, which I distinctly remember from my mid-80's childhood. It was a bit like Pac-Man meets Married With Children.
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For the record.

Space Invaders is what got me started.

I am going to Funspot at Weirs beach for my pilgramage this summer for sure ! If you live in New England and need an Arcade fix, that is the spot to go to.
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In one of the great preemptive acts of damage control

There was a Wired article about this a while back that mentioned the "Enter your initials" reward replaced having your picture taken by the machine after someone exposed themself after achieving a high score.

I'll second the Funspot recommendation: old games, grits and bad minigolf in the stifling heat. It doesn't get any better than that.
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Anyone ever play the Vectrex console system?


The chill spectre of the Vectrex rears its ugly head! I was trying to remember the name of that damn thing recently. But seriously, aren't you a little high tech there?

Maybe we can start a revival craze for the old Mattel HandHeld Football games. Or a Merlin club or something. Friday night Simon get-togethers!

I have a dim memory, too, of the precursor to gameboys...the lcd display handheld games of donkey kong, etc. Is there a name for those things?
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Kafkaesque - Do you mean Game and Watch? I had a whole bunch of them.
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Oh man! That's it!

I remember that Oil Panic one particularly well.
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i stole money out of my mother's wallet to play one more hour of Space Invaders, back in the day.

i felt so guilty that when i came back home i said, "oh, mom, is there anything i can do for you?" she said, "yeah, pick the weeds in the garden."

which i didnt end up doing.

oh yeah, the point was, those games were Awesome!
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Hey, how about those Mego/Nintendo "Time-Out" credit card-sized handheld games? Classics like Fireman, Fireman and The Exterminator used to make the rounds of my junior high back in 1980. I still have one somewhere.
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Kafkaesque: You mean the Coleco Electronic Quarterback? I have a working example of that too. ;-) And I still remember the pass cheat.

Ahh the toys of youth,
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Warning: may cause flashbacks. The beeping, the ozone smell, licking the contacts on 9V batteries. It all comes flooding back!
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Wow, I used to own the Donkey Kong, Jr. game and watch.
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Someone recently released a PC emulator / clone of those LED games, including the Matell Football.

The link no longer seems to work but if you look around for "LEDhead" on the net, you might find it. I have it installed and it brings back so many memories...
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I had a different football game, it was more sophisticated than the Mattel one -- I think it was for two players.

But Mattel Hockey, it was blue.....I played that everywhere...

I also had a faux arcade Pac-Man. It was like 1/20th the size of the real thing......I think it was made by Coleco.
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I also had a faux arcade Pac-Man. It was like 1/20th the size of the real thing......I think it was made by Coleco.

Oooh. I had that, too. It ate "C" batteries. (I also had "Frogger.")
posted by ColdChef at 11:33 AM on June 18, 2002

Sorry, Hockey is Here
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I remember one time my parents and I went to a local burger restaurant (around 1982), and they had a Pac-Man game inside. I told my parents what I wanted to order, plugged in a quarter and proceeded to play. By the time I finished that single game, the food had arrived and my dinner had already gotten cold.
Damn you, Pac-Man! And damn my mad video skeelz!
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LEDHead is here.
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*squeals like a girl*
Palm OS Ledhead. Too. Cool.
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my brother bit our faux arcade pac-man apart. Don't ask me how it was possible.

Apple IIe: sammy lightfoot
Vic 20: Radar Rat Race?
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Been covered before...


Anyway, with the talk of arcade/pac-man fever, I think the best solution is to build your own M.A.M.E. arcade cabinet (an arcade cabient with a PC running MAME inside) and play ALL the games you remember in ONE machine...

If you aren't the geek do-it-yourselfer, you could always buy a really expensive cabinet already built for you.
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Minor detail - Ms. PacMan was the number one selling video game (arcade stand-up) in history and dwarfed pac-man in popularity. Asteroids was #2.
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