Off-White Game Boy with the Planet Hollywood logo printed on it
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Console Variations collects pictures and information about limited-edition versions of video game consoles.
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I'll see your limited-edition versions and raise you a Game Boy that survived a barracks bombing during the first Gulf War. The screen has been replaced and the A and B buttons are inoperable, but it still boots up.
posted by lumensimus at 9:21 AM on January 23

but it still boots up.

Original Game Boy, those slightly greyish bricks are built to last. Mine still works. It eats batteries like you wouldn't believe but they made em right back in the day.

Also, cool share. :)
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Mmm, we have the Pokemon-themed N-64 and it is a thing of wonder.
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I love these special edition consoles but they're usually out of my price range so I stick with the regular edition.

*lovingly pets slate grey Nintendo Switch*
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Looking at the "modern" consoles is dismal compared to the great Nintendo designs of the 90s, in my opinion.

Also they don't have the NES Zapper or the SNES Super Scope 6??!?
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Or (unless I'm looking in the wrong place) ROB the robot, or the Power Pad.
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They do, however, have the Sega Genesis Menacer light gun, and the either-stupid-or-way-ahead-of-its-time Activator.
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Hey cool they have my Virtual Boy with the attache case! I bought it for spare change from Blockbuster Video after the novelty wore off for everybody but me. I am easily amused and thought it was the herald of our cyberpunk future and also I was 13.

I still think it's kinda cool. Red Alarm and Telroboxer are fun.
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When I was a kid, I reeeeaallly wanted a Virtual Boy after trying one in a store.

I entered a contest to win one, but I was clever, so I entered and also got my brother to enter. This meant that I had twice the odds of anyone else, so obviously I would win.

I did not win. It was boggling to the childish mind.
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