Best Poop Books
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I'm always down for a good "shitting in the woods" book and can say the books I've read from this list are all great. It's also missing this hilarious book, Up Shit Creek, about "fecal misadventures" from river raft guides adhering to taking only photographers and leaving only footprints, and what can happen sometimes when you practice the principle of "if you pack it in, you pack it out".
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Sending this to my plumber who once said to me, "your poop is our bread and butter."
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Upon graduating from college, me and a couple of friends sublet a lovely apartment in Brooklyn as a temporary base from which we could figure out our for-real living situations. We found “Everybody Poops” on the book shelf and found it extremely hilarious. Then we looked closer and realized that the translator of the book from Japanese to English was the very woman in whose apartment we were living!
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It's not a book about pooping but a book for pooping, Schott's Original Miscellany is one of the best toilet companions I have ever encountered. It's like a Dr. Bronner's Soap label written by a triviamaster.
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Missing the classic History of Shit.
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John P McCoy and Tomer D Ullman of MIT published a research paper entitled "A Minimal Turing Test". The idea was to find a word that humans were most likely to use to distinguish themselves from artificial intelligence in a Turing test.

"In the second test, 2,405 participants had to choose between pairs of words, deciding which of the two they thought was given by a human and a machine. Again, words like “love,” “human,” and “please” scored strongly, but the winning word was simpler and distinctly biological: “poop.” Yes, out of all of the word pairings, “poop” was selected most frequently to denote the very essence and soul of humanity. Poop."
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I love that we have back-to-back posts about (not) adulting and poop.
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What I love about this list, among other things, is that the second book on this list is called Henrietta James (Not Everyone Poops), which is a direct response to the third book on the list, the aforementioned Everybody Poops.

I'm taken by the title of Never Wipe Your Ass with a Squirrel even though it requires a level of willing suspension of disbelief that I can't quite muster. Like, who on the planet would A. Decide to do such a thing and B. Have the ability to, you know, just grab a squirrel for that.

Being literal is a small curse.
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Well, bears use rabbits so...
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No Gravity’s Rainbow? Fail.
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Hmm, doesn't include Cooking with Poo.
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Or The Pooh Cook Book.
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Oh. I thought you meant this tin.
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A little uncomfortable with how that title looked like Best Boop Books, alliteration and all. Completely different mindset.
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If we end up with a no-deal Brexit, I have a horrible feeling that the 'government' will issue every adult with a ration book and a copy of this.
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