Tubes of the sea
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SeaTube is a Youtube channel featuring "time-lapse videos of ships arriving at/departing from various ports or transiting throughout different areas around the world." It is not to be confused with Ocean Networks Canada's archival video platform Seatube, a "video player that lets you watch, search and comment on Ocean Networks Canada deep-sea videos." posted by mandolin conspiracy (8 comments total) 29 users marked this as a favorite
Totally Tubular!!!
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That's interesting and relaxing--the youtube channel, that is.
posted by maxwelton at 5:09 PM on January 29, 2019

I had a hotel room in Panama that overlooked the West end of the canal. I must have sat on the balcony for hours just watching the ships coming and going. Infinitely relaxing.
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I've seen Seatubes glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.
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The Ocean Networks Canada SeaTube is actually amazing. I've left quite a few cruises going in the background at work or even relaxing at home. There's a lot of ROVs going up and down with very little action, but once an ROV gets into the water and starts moving around it can be pretty fun.

I remember one cruise from a couple of years ago where the night shift team had all given each other nicknames and were clearly having a good time looking at thermal vents and such. It was quality banter. Plus there's all the fun of when they find something interesting/cute/weird. Looking through the list I think it was the June 2017 ONC Maintenance Cruise. They definitely go a little weird after a few weeks at sea working long hours.

Oh, another thing about SeaTube is that once you have selected a historical cruise and dive video you can see the dive and GPS logs alongside the video. This means you can see where in the world each bit of video takes place in (normally somewhere off the west coast of Canada). Plus, if you don't feel like watching an entire video you can scroll through the dive logs until you see a comment that peaks your interest. For example, this segment with a couple of nudibranchs snuggling. It even has someone referring to someone else as "Wildcard" and another as "Joker".

Ahh, science.
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About a decade ago, I spent a mostly sleepless night camping on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay, watching gigantic cargo ships come and go for hours. Weirdly soothing and hypnotic.
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ryanshepard: I know whatcha mean. I used to live maybe three minutes’ walk from Jericho Beach, on English Bay in Vancouver. Good place to look at cargo vessels glacially swinging at anchor as the tide turned them.
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If you like this type of thing, JeffHK's YouTube channel offers a lot of videos like it, as well as more general videos about life aboard cargo ships.
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