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I don' t wanna get out of futon by 打首獄門同好会 (Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai): A cute and relatable little song for some people in the North American midwest right now.
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I declare this to be my opening credit theme song. Perfection.

Thank you ardegee! Adoring this so hard; sending to all cold friends everywhere.
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Replace futon with electric heated blanket and it me.
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I like how all the band's other songs appear to be about food.
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Truly best of the web.
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ladies and gentlemen of mefi music...anyone wanna kill an english version? mefmail me.
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Maybe that dude would be warmer if he put some freaking clothes on!

That was very cute. I’m an American, and the first time I visited Japan it was winter, and I stayed part of the time at a poorly insulated, unheated house in rural Hokkaido, where I was introduced to the wonders of the Kotatsu. What a genius way to convince families (and their appreciative guests) to spend time together!
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This does make me wonder, does Japan have/had the odd but useful houseware Terry Pratchett called a "guzunder", a.k.a. a thunderbucket?
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That was SO cute!!!!!!
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where I was introduced to the wonders of the Kotatsu.

And now I get what this thing in Neko Atsume is!
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Hahahaha this is so great it reminds me of Aggretsuko and I relate so much. Having the world inside my blanket would be very nice indeed.

I also now understand Kotatsu more now -- it's not as clear from Neko atsume because cats don't really have a lower body, per se!
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The kotatsu and the heated toilet seat made our stay in a poorly insulated Airbnb in Tokyo much more bearable.
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i feel extremely understood right now
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This is wonderful; thank you for posting! I'd never heard of this band before.

*mameshiba* Hey, did you know? "Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai" means "The Heads on Pikes Association"! (insert your own disturbed reaction)
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I love this! Also, I live in an American, theoretically insulated apartment and I still shot straight from bed to the kotatsu this morning, coming out only when the kettle finished to get my tea. Working up the nerve to shower now.
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I was extremely disappointed when I got out of bed this morning at the absence of a choir praising my amazingness for managing to make it out of my warm, soft bed.
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love this

tho was expecting the end to come with a verse of "oh my god my bed is so cold" but that might be a British house insulation problem
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This is exactly how I felt this morning. I had to turn my heated mattress pad back on (it turns itself off after a certain amount of time, I definitely did not turn it off myself) and huddle in bed until the need to eat and take meds forced me to grab clothes.
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This is very fine.
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It me in penguin form
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Thank you OP for posting this.
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It me... And I have suddenly come to the realisation that a significant aspect of my lifestyle is not adequately represented in popular culture.
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