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Every Black Sabbath Album Ranked! A definitive, uncontroversial list from the fine folks at Grauniad.


Most of them are better than Weezer’s.

Also in Black Sabbath News:
Black Sabbath Receiving Hometown Honor Next Month
Black Sabbath will be honored with a new tribute in their hometown of Birmingham, UK next month. According to Your West Side Story, a heavy metal steel bench that incorporates images of the band's original four members will be unveiled during a February 9 event in the city.

The steel bench will eventually be placed on the renamed Black Sabbath Bridge across the canal on Birmingham's Broad Street.
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The Januaries - Paranoid
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In case you only read the "21 covers" link: it's not Rivers Cuomo doing the vocal. It's Brian Bell. He spends a LOT of ink slagging Cuomo for it, though.
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At least they got #1 right...
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Black Sabbath peaked with Supernaut in 1972. It's a proven fact. What the ... heaven are Weezer are doing in this thread?
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There are 8 Black Sabbath records: Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Master of Reality, Volume 4, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Sabotage -- and a final two which we can consider as Black Sabbath's swan songs. Volume 4 is the finest of them all. This is just more fake news.
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As someone who is completely clueless about rock / metal, I liked #1; it got quite jazzy!

[On a long drive where the only radio station was a rock station, I started coming up with this classification of rock into genres I could understand:

salsa clasica : motown / "rock around the clock"
salsa romantica : modern country (chase rice, sam hunt)
salsa dura : metallica? and most things that sound like truck commercials

but #1 would be like, everyone just banging on their instruments full out , then settling into a fast hot jazzy bit.]
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Loved Black Sabbath in the day.
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Shit, down the rabbit hole now. Stuff I haven’t listened to for years. Led Zeppelin. Doors. Deep Purple.
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This is actually a pretty good list. Personally, I would've made Heaven and Hell #2, but they certainly got #1 right.
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Black Sabbath peaked with Supernaut in 1972.

Agreed. I think Symptom of the Universe (1975) is in this class as well.
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As great as Supernaut is, their version is not even the best one. This one is.

One thing I will give Supernaut, it's one of Iommi's greatest riffs. Good god, that thing just hangs in my head all day long after hearing it.
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I just borrowed Iommi's autobiography from the library, so this is relevant to my interests.
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Martin was an identikit metal singer: he sings about Satan with all the menace of someone offering cheese samples at Morrisons deli counter.

This is a pretty good line. I LOL’d, may have to steal it for future Sabbath-related arguments.

I’m a “First four albums plus Sabotage with provisions” man myself, but I’m also a Dio fan so I’m fine with where Heaven and Hell sits.

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath shouldn’t be that high up on the list, IMO.
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That Weezer cover of Paranoid sounds almost wilfully obtuse. Posers.
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I think 13 is ranked too high. Only "Methademic" reached the heights of previous work.
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I really liked 13 and was thinking it should be higher on the list. Heh. "higher"
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As great as Supernaut is, their version is not even the best one. This one is yt .

you may have a point there. Definitely the cause of the biggest, most savagely transcendent moshpit I've ever been part of. Lollapalooza 1992.

and speaking of Supernaut. The original link has been lost, but ...
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I've recently been visiting Sabbath's 'Lost Years' 80's albums. I kinda like Born Again and Eternal Idol. They are exceedingly difficult CDs to find.
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I love you Sweetleaf.
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“Bakersfield California was destroyed today by the first four Black Sabbath albums...”

Fuck yeah it was!
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Forever I didn't give Dio a chance, until I did and then I was like, oh I love Dio.
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Any love out there for The Mob Rules (the song) or Neon Knights? Remember the Heavy Metal movie?
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If there's a riff that's heavier *and* groovier than the one at 3:18 in Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, I haven't heard it.
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If there's a riff that's heavier *and* groovier than the one at 3:18 in Sabbath Bloody Sabbath yt , I haven't heard it.

Okay, so. The first four albums, plus the Dio albums have never really left my regular album rotation over the years. But I ended up neglecting this album, so I'm giving Sabbath Bloody Sabbath a relisten right now. And now I'm kind of OK with the #2 ranking.

While you can hear some of the production excesses that would turn the later Ozzy-era albums into more bloated and shambolic outings begin to creep in (Tommy Iommi, I'm looking at you), it's still heavy as fuck. And you're right about the groove.

And then I remembered something just a minute ago...when I bought Sabbath Bloody Sabbath in high school, it was in one of those wasteful longboxes. The upside was that it gave me a larger-than-CD-format copy of the cover art that I could cut out and tape to the inside of my locker, sitting alongside the cover art from the longbox from Iron Maiden's Powerslave, IIRC.
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Henry Rollins on the first four Black Sabbath albums.
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The first CD I ever owned was Master of Reality, and I bought it at a grocery store. I remember at the time marveling over the facts that:

A. I could now enjoy the subtle nuance of Sabbath in digital form
B. That it was for sale - on sale - in a grocery store.

I went out and bought a CD player two paychecks later. Yes, I bought a Black Sabbath CD before I even had something to play it on.
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I'm flummoxed by Sabbath Bloody Sabbath's high position on this. It's listenable, but no-where near Great. Sabotage is far more cohesive and aggressive.

The list failed to make clear the obvious fact that Vol. 4 is the greatest Sabbath record. They are correct, however, with Technical Ecstasy being the worst of the Ozzy years. It's terrible.
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Sabotage is far more cohesive and aggressive.

Fair. I mean, it's metal as hell.

Something I learned today: there's a whole bunch of Sabotage cover mashups people have made.

For example:

My Little Pony

Baby Metal

There are a bunch more. As an album cover, it always struck me as being daft.
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Whoa, TIL there's a version of "Planet Caravan" with clear vocals. Well, weird, plaintive, and raspy vocals, but hey.
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Nothing in the original run after Vol. 4 is especially cohesive. Sabotage and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath are both pretty good - Sabotage might have the higher high points but something about SBS still seems stronger overall.

Vol. 4 seems like it should be the best Sabbath album on paper, but I find it a little hard to get through the whole thing.

Master of Reality is probably the least controversial possible choice for number one.
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So, Youtube just told me I'm probably interested in this:

Sweet Leaf Tony Iommi Coughing 10 minutes loop
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In praise of Vol. 4, though - "Under the Sun" might still be the most overlooked candidate for best Sabbath song?

Every time I listen to that song after not hearing it for a while I get to the point that the main (bump-badump-ba-dadada-dada) riff comes back in after the "every day comes and goes" part and I think, "damn, that's a great song." And then the last riff comes in.
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There is an entire concert in Paris in the 70’s on YouTube. You can see what a tight amazing band they were then and how everything after that was just junk. That’s not my opinion, that’s just science.
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The song Black Sabbath on the album Black Sabbath by the band Black Sabbath is the most Black Sabbath thing that exists. It's like, how much more Black Sabbath could it be? The answer is none. None more Black Sabbath.
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