The New Voices Of Native American Literature
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Wide Range Of Writers Work To Celebrate Evolving Literary Canon Without Limiting It: "It’s about time we start to hear all the other voices that have always been here."

Set on 140 acres in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with a view of mountains in every direction, the Institute of American Indian Arts has had a long history, starting from its founding during the Kennedy administration.

The Institute of American Indian Arts, or IAIA, is an embodiment and encouragement of Native art — from sculpture to music to poetry — and a concentrated community of Native American voices and artists learning from teachers and from each other.

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I read a bit about IAIA after reading about it in Terese Marie Mailhot's memoir Heart Berries (which is discussed in the article). It's a wonderful book, and I'd highly recommend it.

I thought her comment, "It damages us as artists when we become quintessential to Native literature," Mailhot said. "I'm too new for that," was really interesting as well.
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This is really interesting. I've bookmarked it to look up some of those writers and read their works.

Thank you for posting this, poffin boffin!
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Fantastic. Always looking for new-to-me voices.
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