She plays a mean banjo but she's actually really nice
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"Mean Mary" James is a dazzling multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Mean Mary writes and performs ballads like Iron Horse with fast banjo and haunting vocals. Sea Red, Sea Blue is a bittersweet song with a beautiful video featuring Mean Mary on underwater violin. She has a lighter side too, dancing in sugar to Sweet, a sweet and catchy little love song. There's plenty more to delight you on her website - enjoy!
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Thanks for this.

This is a pretty great St. James Infirmary on fiddle she does. Bonus cat in the video, too!
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This is great. Thanks for posting it, Quietgal.
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Thank you for this! This is exactly the kind of stuff I've been listening to lately and it's nice to have a new artist for the playlist :)
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That's mighty fine pickin' and a-singin'. Off to see if she's coming up Boston way any time soon.

And do read her bio (on her home page, first link in the FPP).
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I took my kid to see Mean Mary at an anti-capitalist bookstore in Asheville one Sunday afternoon a few years back. She shreds!
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This video of Europe Tour Vlog - Mean Mary with Frank James with her and her brother Frank back in November is awesome.
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