Simple (?) linear browser puzzler
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Linjat is a puzzle game playable in your browser by Juho Snellman. Try to form lines of the correct length that do not cross, and cover each dot.
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Ooh I love this sort of thing!
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This is tingling my brain in all the right ways. It took me a couple levels to figure out the internal logic, but now I'm loving it. Thanks for sharing!
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Oh no what have you done

I love this
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Super fun!
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Been on a big picross kick, and this is on the same axis. Thanks!
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This reminds me of picross and nurikabe and is delightful.
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This is nice! I'm still sort of building up a skillset; I find myself making it through Medium puzzles without roadblocks but staring at Hard ones for a while trying to sort out the next inferential step.
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This is just great. Thanks for posting it!
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ooooohhhhhh this is a good game. brain like.
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This would make a great app. "Linjat" means lines in either Finnish or Albanian.
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I've been loving the hell out if this game. As I've worked up through the difficulty, it's amazing how often I've decided that a puzzle is actually impossible. I've actually almost asked about it here sometimes: are some of these impossible? Then that rare ahah! that is somehow both gratifying and humbling.
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Yeah, I've been picking away at this for the last week, solid. Only the easy and medium levels, so far. Sometimes a puzzle stumps me, so I leave it for a bit, then come back and solve it in one try. It's very satisfying. And mystifying, since what seemed impossible on the first 10 tries suddenly seems obvious.
I'm sure there's some sort of lesson there.
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Don't be afraid of the "hard" or "expert" levels. I don't think they are significantly harder than the "medium" ones.
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